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CAP Pilot Onboarding Pamphlet CAPP 70-12 (Updated 29 Nov 21)

TX-435 New Pilots — Getting Ready for Your Form 5 Check Ride


Ops Qual (eServices)

Ops Qual-What Do I Need?

TXWG/DO Requalification & Pilot Onboarding Request Process

CAPF 9 Release (For Non CAP Members)

Cessna 172S - N592CP

Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH)

Checklist (Normal Procedures) (New: Dated 17 Feb 23)

Checklist (Emergency Procedures) (Dated 01 Dec 21)

Actual in-plane Cessna checklist Front & Back

N592CP Weight & Balance

Profile for N592CP Checkout

Cessna 172S Electrical System Simulator (University of North Dakota built tool)

G1000 - NXI - Audio panel volume adjustment

Garmin G1000 NXi Documents and Articles

G1000 NXi Transition PowerPoint Presentation

G1000 NXi Differences PowerPoint Presentation

FAA G1000 NXi STC AFM Supplement

G1000 NXi Missed Approach Note

Garmin GI 275 Multi-Function Instrument (MFI) Pilot's Guide

Disable Garmin ESP™ Before Maneuvering!

Cessna 172P - N9813L

(1985 Cessna 172 P-Round dials)

Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH)

Checklist (Normal Procedures) (Dated 30 May 22)

Checklist (Emergency Procedures) (Dated 31 May 21)

Texas Wing Standardization & Evaluations site

Includes ForeFlight and pilot training materials including complex and turbo airplane training materials and more. 

Other Documents   

CAP Airplane Questionnaire

Aircraft Flight Time Log Sheets

Preflight Risk Assessment Worksheet

Density Altitude Graph


Helpful Articles and Videos

Use caution when cleaning the airplane cockpit! Two Skyhawks in Florida were damaged when improper disinfectants were used. 

G1000 Mark Current Position and save as User Waypoint

G1000 Build User Waypoints in Lat/Long

Webinars and Training

Foreflight Pilot in Command Webinar Briefings

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