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Cadets Use PT Challenges to Keep Themselves Fit

September 2, 2020

The TX-435 squadron cadets have turned to innovative ideas to help keep themselves physically fit during this pandemic. The cadets are using various PT Challenges to encourage members to keep up their physical fitness training. The most recent of these was a Pushup Challenge where cadets took a short video of themselves doing pushups and submitted it on the Band site. C/CMSgt Wilson organized the challenge and reported results in each cadet meeting. The cadets were encouraged to use their creativity and many of the videos were quite good.

The cadets that actively participated every week were: C/SSgt Ball, C/Capt Haley, C/CMSgt Hawkins, C/2dLt Janicki, C/SrA Wood, and C/CMSgt Wilson.

Additional participants were: CADET Abell, C/Amn Ball, C/CMsgt Brewer, C/MSgt Cady, C/SMSgt Cavender, C/MSgt DeBord, CADET Fernandez, C/Col Flowers, C/2dLt Jones, C/SSgt Kidd, C/2dLt Schrivner, C/Amn Silva, C/Amn Toeran, C/Capt Urquiola, and C/SrA Wolfshohl.

Congratulations to all those that participated! Here are a selection of frame captures from a few of the videos:

C/CMSgt Wilson had additional challenges to overcome as his dog Biscuit demanded pets for each pushup.

Cadets C/SSgt Ball and C/Amn Ball used the squadron building as a backdrop for their pushups.

C/2dLt Janicki’s dog Lucy was wondering when the “Tummy Rub Challenge” was starting.

C/Capt Haley got in some canoeing and pushups.

C/CMSgt Wilson used his drone to record some pushups.

C/CMSgt Wilson used some clever video compositing to do pushups with the fishes.

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