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Flight over The Boneyard

January 5, 2021

1st Lt Roger Aylstock got to fly over the USAF Boneyard while flying his Cessna 172 from Southern California to Texas in December. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (309th AMARG), often called The Boneyard, is a United States Air Force aircraft and missile storage and maintenance facility in Tucson, Arizona, located on Davis–Monthan Air Force Base.  It is the sole aircraft boneyard and parts reclamation facility for all excess military and government aircraft.

Lt Aylstock refueled at Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ) outside of Tucson, Arizona. Coming out of Marana, he was vectored right over The Boneyard. Some of his pictures are below.  

Crop from the center of the above picture.

The chopped up B-52 bombers below are from the Regan era and the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) that limited nuclear arms capabilities. The B-52's were chopped up in place so the Russian spy satellites could verify the arms reductions.


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