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Lt Col Mike Duc Participates in Air Force Officer Flight Training Program

October 7, 2020

Lt Col Mike Duc, our squadron Standardization/Evaluation Officer, just returned from a week in Indiana where he participated in the USAF’s Rated Preparatory Program (RPP). The RPP provides accelerated instruction that identifies future pilots, navigators and other crew members to help address the Air Force’s potential pilot shortage. The program has CAP Instructor pilots providing essential preparatory training to active-duty Air Force officers who aspire to achieve their goal of earning their Air Force wings. Each RPP participant must complete six to eight hours of actual flight time, finish an online ground school and pass a demanding written examination. Candidates also have access to flight simulators that enable them to sharpen their skills.

Lt Col Duc flew 11 sorties and 17.5 Hours the first week. He didn't track the number of Simulator sorties they did or the hours he endorsed.  He was not able to stay for the second week. Lt Col Duc said, “I will be happy when both my Lt's are selected for pilot training.”

Here’s the full article along with a great video from the CAP News: CAP Helps Train Air Force Officers Aspiring to Fly

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