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Squadron Cadets Test Out STEM Drone Kit

October 24, 2020

On Saturday, 24 October, several squadron cadets got to test a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) kit activity on drones. 2nd Lt Roger Ball, squadron Aerospace Education Officer, arranged for the acquisition of the two kits and organized the event.  C/SMSGT Wilson, a licensed drone operator, conducted training on the kits and demonstrated their use. His presentation included a safety briefing, flying procedure refresher, basic kit maintenance – how to charge & change batteries, change propellers, etc., along with a review of FAA regulations regarding drone operation. 

Cadets participating in the event were CADET Roberts, C/Amn Fernandez, C/CMSgt Brewer, C/SMSGT Wilson, and C/2dLt Janicki. Senior members that attended the event were 2nd Lt Ball, 2nd Lt Brewer, 1st Lt Aylstock and 1st Lt Tallant.

The cadets learned the skills of basic hands-on quadcopter flying – Take off, Hover, Land, Skill building – Rotate drone in hover, forward, backward, side-to-side maneuvering and more advanced skills – Flying the drone through an obstacle course. C/SMSGT Wilson had the cadets take the drone off from a table, hover, fly forward past an obstacle on the floor, fly back under the table and hover and land on a frisbee sitting on the table. The cadets were able to navigate the obstacle course after only a few attempts.  

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