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Throwback Thursday with Capt Mauricio Urquiola

August 6, 2020

Welcome to our sixth installment of our Throwback Thursday feature. If this is your first time vising our Throwback Thursday feature, be sure to check out the others by clicking the Throwback Thursday link in the “Categories” section to the right.

Today we feature our Deputy Commander for Cadets, Capt Mauricio Urquiola in pictures from just a few years ago. This is from 1992 at the Bolivian Air Force Academy, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Born and raised in Bolivia, Mauricio developed his passion for aviation at the early age of 8, when his father sent him on a DC-4 Skymaster Cargo airplane to retrieve meat for the local market. Mauricio recalls this experience as over the top and soon thereafter, he was dedicating his time to building a large collection of model airplanes while dreaming to be a pilot. 

In 1989, Mauricio joined the Bolivian Air Force Academy and graduated with honors. He was the Cadet Commander for the Class of 92 with more than 300 cadets in his wing. Thanks to his academic excellence, he earned the opportunity to complete his military aviation training with the USAF. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot in 1995 after successfully completing Undergraduate Pilot Training at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio Texas (Class 95-12). Upon his return to Bolivia, he was assigned to the 34th Tactical Group and got qualified to fly the Pilatus PC-7 aircraft in drug interdiction missions. 

After completing his service, Mauricio returned to the US and attended The University of Texas at Austin and earned his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering followed by a Masters of Science in Engineering Management. He joined Motorola in 1999 and currently works at NXP Semiconductors in Austin.

Mauricio has not forgotten his passion for aviation and has returned to flying working as a part time CFI at BlackHound Aviation and serving as a Civil Air Patrol Mission Pilot. He is currently the Deputy Commander for Cadets and the Professional Development Officer for the TX-435 squadron. Capt Urquiola also recently obtained his Certified Flight Instructor Instrument certificate. 

Mauricio is married and has two children. Ian, the oldest, has joined the Civil Air Patrol and aspires to be a pilot in the near future.

Thank you Capt Urquiola for your dedication and support of Civil Air Patrol!

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