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Cadet Wilson Receives PPL Wings-100th Cadet

July 15, 2021

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Andrew Wilson of the David Lee "Tex" Hill Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Composite Squadron in San Marcos, Texas passed a checkride and received his Private Pilot’s certificate at the San Marcos airport on Sunday, July 4, 2021. Cadet Wilson’s flight training was paid for by the CAP Wings program.  The program provides funded training to selected Civil Air Patrol cadets to earn their Private Pilot Certificate in an Airplane (Single Engine Land-ASEL or otherwise known as powered), Glider, or Lighter-than-air (Balloon) categories and classes. The Air Force has allocated CAP funds for CAP cadet flight training with the goal of fulfilling its mission of developing tomorrow’s aerospace leaders.

C/CMSgt Wilson was exposed to general aviation through the CAP Orientation Ride program that provides introductory rides in a CAP airplane and lets the cadet handle the controls. Cadet Wilson earned over 60 flight hours before taking his practical test.  His primary CAP flight instructor, Capt. Mauricio Urquiola said, “It took many hours of study time, planning flight lessons around the summer weather and most of all, perseverance for Cadet Wilson to accomplish this goal.”  Cadet Wilson completed his training through Black Hound Aviation flight school at the San Marcos, TX airport.

Cadet Wilson reports to the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) on Friday, July 9th. At the USMMA, Cadet Wilson will complete a four-year program towards a highly-regarded Bachelor of Science degree.

As part of the Youth Aviation Initiative, Cadet Wings is a merit-based program, providing formal flight training for CAP cadets pursuing a Private Pilot Certificate. The PPC is recognized by industry as the first milestone for those who have a serious desire to pursue a flying career. Cadet Wings also includes needs-based elements to remove financial barriers for economically-disadvantaged cadets.

Cadet Wilson had an additional distinction in that he was the 100th cadet to earn their PPL through the Wings program. He was also featured in an article on the National CAP website. Click here for that article.

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