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Squadron Supports Additional COVID-19 Missions

May 27, 2020

On Wednesday, May 20, Lt Col Roger Corbin and 1st Lt Jim Swisher supported a COVID-19 mission using our squadron's airplane. They departed San Marcos airport and flew up to Dallas executive Airport to pick up five boxes of COVID-19 tests and fly them back to Austin Bergstrom international airport for pickup and processing.

They were called at about 3:30 in the afternoon Wednesday and they flew up to Dallas Executive Airport using Visual Flight Rules (VFR) at 7500 feet and came back VFR at 6500 feet. They were met at Dallas by a white van that delivered seven boxes. They took five boxes and left two for the next airplane that was being dispatched. At the destination, they were met with the team of several individuals at the Texas Department of Transportation hanger on the north east side of the Austin Bergstrom airport. They pulled up behind two other CAP airplanes at Austin Bergstrom and unloaded quickly, planned the flight back San Marcos, and departed about 45 minutes after arrival at Austin. They then flew VFR back to San Marcos. Images below. Thanks  Lt Col Corbin and 1st Lt Swisher for contributing your time to complete these vital missions!

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