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TX 435 participates in COVID-19 supplies delivery to Pecos Texas

March 27, 2020

Our squadron’s airplane flew out of Stinson airport with a load of medical supplies to Pecos Texas on March 26th  and 27th.  Lt Col Mike Duc flew our squadron’s airplane on Thursday and Lt Col Ron Diana flew on Friday. This  request came as part of a support mission for the State of Texas Department of Emergency Management to transport materiel from stockpiles to remote areas in support of the COVID-19 crisis. Approximately 600 lbs of medical supplies including masks, gowns and gloves were transported from the Stinson Airport (SSF) to the Pecos, TX airport (PEQ). 2nd Lt David Zakariaie of the Austin Joseph W. Kittinger Phantom Squadron TX-352 flew their squadron’s airplane in support of this mission.  The pictures below show LtCol Duc and 2nd Lt Zakariaie loading the aircraft for the first mission flight.

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