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Wing funded mission to allow squadrons to support local communities

May 16, 2020

Below is a message regarding a new Wing Funded CAP mission to allow squadrons to support local communities.

As promised, here is the information regarding mission 20-C-5067 for our involvement in local agencies to facilitate COVID volunteer work. 

Please review the attachments.  Lt Col Sides has graciously shared a document to assist in the local POCs initiating information back to myself and Wing for approval to assist (Word document).

Once we do get active on a local volunteer activity, it is imperative to remember the responsibility of submitted a daily report and try to wrap up the paperwork within 2 hours of the last ground crew or aircrew landing or task accomplished.  Submit both to myself and Lt Col Sides as the document instructs.

Locally, have your members interested reach out to the county agencies to see if they need help, ie Food bank,  the County EOC and as for the Volunteer desk, etc.


Maj. Christopher C. Baker, CAP

Group V   ES Officer

(C) 512.395.7138            christopher.baker@txwg.cap.gov

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary      


Attachments: Mission Description   Request For CAP Assistance Form

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