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San Marcos Squadron Leadership Changes Announced

October 20, 2021

The David Lee "Tex" Hill Composite Squadron (TX-435)  announced the following leadership changes: 2nd Lt. Heather Brewer assumed the position of Deputy Commander for Cadets as of 21 Aug 2021, replacing Capt. Mauricio Urquiola. Capt. Mauricio Urquiola assumed the position of Squadron Commander on 1 Oct 2021, replacing Capt. Sam Samani. 

2nd Lt. Heather Brewer has been associated with Civil Air Patrol since May 2019, and immediately jumped into the cadet program with both feet attending Cadet Encampment the very next month as a Training Officer. She held the position of Activity Officer and was closely involved in all aspects of Cadet Programs. This was done during the difficult times of virtual meetings and the consequent rebuilding of our squadron. Since then, the squadron has added a few more senior members devoted to the success of our Cadet Program and our squadron cadet membership has taken off.

Heather’s philosophy on leadership of youth stems from her many years coaching, refereeing and teaching. She stated, “As Deputy Cadet Commander, I prefer to lead from the background, giving more and more responsibility to the teens as they develop their leadership skills. I have high expectations for them and constantly push them to reach the goals they set with our guidance. 

I am pleased to work with a great team which is able to meet the aerospace needs of our cadets who love to fly. I am committed to helping each of them on their aerospace journeys, and I look forward to seeing the great things all of the cadets will accomplish in the future secure in the knowledge that Civil Air Patrol will have played a big part.”


Capt. Mauricio Urquiola was born and raised in Bolivia. Mauricio started his volunteer service with the Civil Air Patrol in 2015. With the many years of experience volunteering with the organization, he has grown an interest in the many aspects that the Civil Air Patrol can offer: from Emergency Services and Aerospace to leading our squadron Cadet Programs; more importantly, giving back to the community. Mauricio is an Engineer, Flight Instructor, husband, and father of two amazing boys.

Mauricio developed his passion for aviation at the early age of 8. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot in 1995 after successfully completing Undergraduate Pilot Training at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio Texas. After completing his service, Mauricio attended The University of Texas at Austin and earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering followed by a Masters in Science in Engineering Management. He joined Motorola in 1999 and currently works at NXP Semiconductors in Austin.

His leadership philosophy can be summarized in three main areas: Leading by Example, Embracing the Civil Air Patrol Core Values, and taking care of our CAP Members. This is the result of the many years spent in the military and expanding on his management skills while working in the private industry.

Mauricio is joined by a diverse and well-qualified set of volunteer members ranging from active duty and retired Armed Forces individuals to teachers and parents, who unconditionally devote their time to serving our community. 

Congratulations to 2nd Lt. Brewer and Capt. Urquiola on their new positions!

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