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Squadron Recruiting at Lockhart Fly-in

September 29, 2021

Cadets and senior members of the TX-435 squadron in San Marcos showed the squadron Cessna 172 airplane and provided recruiting materials at the Lockhart Airport’s Fifty to Fifty Romeo Fly-in on Saturday, 25 Sept 2021. The squadron displayed their new booth and talked to several youngsters and adults about the many benefits of the Civil Air Patrol.  Members participating at the event were: SM Connor Davis, 2Lt Heather Brewer, Lt Col Rich Ferguson, C/Jack Evans,  C/A1C Kai Boydston,  C/A1C Bella Del Torro,  C/SrA Moise Rhodes, C/CMSgt Tanner Lewis, C/2Lt Jeremiah Wood, C/1Lt Sarah Janicki, C/1Lt Lincoln Brewer and 1st Lt Roger Aylstock.

Photographs by C/2Lt Jeremiah Wood and 1st Lt Roger Aylstock.

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