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Cadets Participate in Bivouac

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On Friday, April 28th, approximately 20 cadets and seven senior members from TX-435 attended a bivouac at the San Marcos River Retreat in San Marcos, Texas. The bivouac is an overnight camping experience chaperoned by CAP senior members. The purposes are to provide opportunities for cadets to complete tasks for...
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March 2023 Promotions

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On 28 March 2023, TX435 cadets received the following promotions: Photos by 1st Lt Ethan Pennington Achievement 1 Promotion to C/Airman Samara Clampffer Aidan Connor Jude Davis Josiah Jancik Alex McNutt Achievement 3 Promotion to C/Senior Airman Jackson James Wright Brothers Promotion to C/Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Silva Achievement 4 Promotion...
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2022 Winter Encampment

Eight cadets and three senior members attended the Texas Wing Winter Encampment held at Camp Allen in Navasota, Texas, 26 Dec 22 - 2 Jan 23 Encampment Attendees from TX-435 Students: C/SrA Joshua Jancik, C/SrA Gabriel Junek, C/SSgt Sierra Coleman, C/SMSgt Isaac Padilla, C/SMSgt Mathis Seidel Cadre: C/SMSgt Andrew McNutt-...
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